Phoebe being introduced and used at the Binary workshop in Leuven (BE)

This week (13-17 April 2015) a binary workshop is being organised in Leuven (BE) in the framework of the SpaceInn project ( From our devel team, Kyle Conroy, Angela Kochoska, Jonas Debosscher and Steven Bloemen are present to train the participants to use Phoebe 2.0 to model binary star light curves and radial velocity curves. The tutorials and slides prepared by Kyle for this workshop are available below:

Power meeting: fun with temperature distributions

Guess what!? It's not all work and no play! We are digging deep into the backend and making sure that everything is in place and as general as possible. In the process of validating the backend, we are playing with temperature distributions. Here is a movie of a very realistic temperature distribution, featuring our two developers Kyle and Bert. Enjoy! (and join us next time!)

6th PHOEBE power-meeting

Villanova, Oct 13-24, 2014

The PHOEBE development team is proud to announce the 6th power-meeting at Villanova University, Villanova, USA. This power-meeting is devoted to stabilizing the PHOEBE backend and meeting the goals for the PHOEBE 2.0-beta release. These include a completed documentation, all critical tracker items closed, and a comprehensive scientific library of validated results. If you are interested in attending the meeting, please join us! There is no registration fee. We are looking forward to seeing you at Villanova!

PHOEBE 2.0-alpha released!

Apr 28, 2014

Dear PHOEBE enthusiasts,

It is our immense pleasure to introduce the alpha version of PHOEBE 2.0! After nearly 4 years of design and work, PHOEBE has been rebuilt from scratch. In includes completely new paradigms that allow the users to model virtually any configuration of opaque systems on the sky. Alongside the release we are unveiling the new webpage that has been modernized and we believe that it will provide a good resource for modeling binary stars and more. As we continue to work on PHOEBE and its website, we kindly invite you to give this alpha release a go and tell us what you think! Start with the About section, continue to the Download section and give the Documentation a whirl. Before using PHOEBE 2.0-alpha for any scientific work, please carefully read the Release Notes.

Wishing you an enjoyable experience while taking the new PHOEBE for a spin!
Your PHOEBE development team

Building my first binary from scratch with PHOEBE 2.0-alpha

This tutorial will cover the basic steps of creating the model of a binary star using the PHOEBE 2.0-alpha frontend. All frontend functionality is documented in the frontend Application Programming Interface (API) and you can refer to it for further details on any of the used commands in this tutorial. If you haven't done so already, you may want to read the First steps with PHOEBE 2.0-alpha tutorial first -- it covers the details that we will assume you are familiar with.

First steps with PHOEBE 2.0-alpha

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to manipulate an already existing parameter file that is dear to your heart from PHOEBE 1.0 (or 0.3x). If you are starting afresh and have no PHOEBE parameter files lying around, you can just skim through this part and continue with part 2 where we build a binary from scratch; alternatively, grab our demo parameter file for UW LMi and you can type along with everyone else.

5th PHOEBE power-meeting

Nijmegen, Apr 7-18, 2014

The PHOEBE development team announces the 5th power-meeting taking place in Nijmegen, Netherlands. Power meetings are 1- to 2-week get-togethers of developers devoted to brainstorming and implementation of new ideas. With everyone away from their daily obligations for a couple of weeks, we focus solely on PHOEBE development in a collaborative, productive environment. The 5th power-meeting in Nijmegen is devoted to the finalization of the front-end, thorough testing of the back-end and, barring any major show-stoppers, the release of the official PHOEBE 2.0 version. If you would like to join us at the power-meeting, please send us an email to

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